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New Orleans style traditional brass band for all occasions!

Your festival, street parade, garden party, wedding, birthday party, boat trip or any other occasion will be jazzed up by J.J.Brass Band.

J.J.Brass Band is a marching version of J.J.Jazzmen, which formed in 2009. Between 2009 – 2011 the band performed at numerous festivals in other European countries, as well as in Czech Republic: Street Parade Celle, Kemptener Jazz Frühling, Jazz Fest Dissen-Bad Rothenfelde, “Schillerwizer” Elbe Dixie – Dresden etc. After a small intermission, it took part in 2017 in the International Dixieland Festival in Pilsen, festivals Dixieland in Krizany or Jazz Cernosice in Czech Republic. In 2018 Internationales Dixieland Festival Dresden in Germany and repeatedly 2017 and 2019 at the Jazz Tage Bülach in Switzerland, where the band performed with big names from around the world: Duke Heitger (New Orleans), Dan Barrett, Nicki Parrott and Stephanie Trick (USA), Engelbert Wrobel and Bernard Flegar (Germany), Australian All Stars, Paolo Alderigi (Italy) etc. And Bülach has repeated the invitation in the year 2021.

The band was formed by experienced musicians and completed by new talent. The leading cornet player, Jiri Masacek, has invited his two children to the band, who at 14 and 19 years are already mature musicians (Eliska – trombone and cornet, Martin - sousaphone). The band has one international member – Irish bass drum player Neil Power. The focus of the band does not lean on precise arrangements, but on collective improvisation and mature solos by experienced jazzmen. Since some of the band members have direct experience from New Orleans, they know how to flexibly and immediately react in the moment, whether it be to audience behaviour or to the playing of the other band members. According to New Orleans brass band tradition, the band has naturally also a grand marshal, a marching dancer, who leads the band through its street parades.


Barbora Vagnerova - Grand Marshal / voc. * Jirí Masacek – kornet * Eliska Masacková – trombone / cornet 

Josef Pospisil - trombone / voc. * Tomas Cerný – clarinet / sax * Petr Krumphanzl – banjo

Martin Masacek – suzafon Milos Kejr – snare drum * Neil Power – bass drum



Video 2019 – Jazz Tage Bülach

Video 2018 - Jazz Cernosice

Video 2018 - Dixie Fest Dresden

Video 2016 - Jazz Cernosice

Video 2017 – Jazz Tage Bülach

Video 2010

Foto 2017 - Jazz Cernosice

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